I’m soooooo excited!

For years now makeup artist’s have messaged me and asked “how do I become an in demand makeup artist in the advertising space!?’

Being solo on many jobs, it’s been a challenge to offer out assistant spaces, yet I have wanted to help so many of you to get to where you want to be in your makeup artistry career!

Having worked with close to 60 unique brands (many of which are now regular clients) I have learnt an incredible amount along the way. I didn’t go to a fancy university to train in makeup, and I often think to myself ‘if only I knew the things that I now know back then I’d have got to where I am now a hell of a lot quicker!’

I want to teach you MY INSIDE SECRETS for becoming an in demand makeup artist specifically in the advertising space!

We’ll cover:

  • Standing out amongst the crowd, create a brand bursting with YOUR personality.

  • Creating credibility in the industry.

  • Building your client list. (Attracting your soul aligned clients) who book you on repeat.

  • Setting your rates.

  • Success Mindset.

  • Makeup artist to makeup artist etiquette (respect & relationship building).


  • My fave products for advertising shoots.

  • Money Mindset.

  • Managing Money

  • Pulling together your website.

One time payment of USD $997

OR 3 Payments of USD $366

All of the content is available inside of a private facebook group which you have life time access to once you purchase the course.

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You’re ready!

Fast track your vision into immediate reality and become an in demand makeup artist for advertising NOW. Together we’ll identify all the ways in which you can take your business to the next level and secure the clients you dream of working with.